• Encourage users to lower the sash on fume hoods and reduce pressure on the ventilation

• Turn up your Ultra low Temperature freezer from -80 to -70, see references and details below

• Promote good practice of turning off equipment or lights at the end of the day

Fume Hoods

Fume hoods are one of the most energy intensive pieces of equipment in the lab due to their draw on ventilation systems and have been calculated to consume up to 3.5 x the energy consumption of an average household. By lowering the sash of the fume hood when not in direct use, this greatly reduces the pressure on ventilation systems and the amount of air being drawn into and out of the building.

Background info

•’ Validating cost and energy savings from Harvard’s Shut The Sash Program‘- Harvard University

‘Fume Hood Energy Converstaion’ – Standford University 

Frontiers in Built environment – Changing Behavior Through Design: A Lab Fume Hood Closure Experiment

Stickers & Posters

•  Sticker and poster templates from Bristol and Edinburgh university

•  Below the red zone – Harvard University sticker template

•  Shut the Sash template  – Harvard University sticker template

Cold Storage

Cold storage is found in abundance in lab spaces and added up consumes large amounts of energy. By creating good practices around your cold storage such as, regular cleaning and maintenance, accessibility inventories and optimal usage protocols you can ensure your cold storage is used efficiently. An -80 ultra low temperature freezer turned up to -70 can save nearly 30% on energy consumption.

Other equipment

By creating clear signage and reminders for lab equipment and lights, you can remind colleagues to turn off equipment where possible, saving energy as you go.

Best practice guides

 SELs Energy training video

Outlet timers on lab equipment – Lab Conscious

Stickers & Posters

Sticker and poster templates from Bristol and Edinburgh university

Green Labs Austria Stop light system templates

•Princess Máxima Center Stop Light system templates – 12 3 – 4

UCL stop Light system template