Open Science is the practice of ensuring your science is more transparent and collaborative and accessible to all levels of society; amateur and professional.

From experimental design and setup, publications, data, samples, software and other academic output, you can ensure your science is shared and available to all in the scientific community. 

By making sure your science is not just transparent  and accessible, but also  interoperable and reproducible , the better the quality of scientific output being put into the community. This naturally leads towards more sustainable science by reducing unnecessary experimental repeats or inability to reproduce outcomes. 

Organisations and communities

•  R.I.O.T. – Rotterdam Open Science club

•  O.S.C.T. – Open Science Twente

•  Center for Open Science – Software tools, community and research for open science practices

Other resources

•  Peer Community in – free recommendation peer review process of scientific preprints and open access publications

•  PubPeer – Online Journal club, open reviews on comments on scientific publications

•  Open Science Framework – Free, open platform for preregistration; transparently plan, collect, analyse and share your work

•  The Missing Pieces – Collection of negative, null and inconclusive results