Collaboration is highly promoted and sought after in the scientific community, and that often means working with colleagues across the country, continent, or other side of the world. Conferencing usually gives great face to face opportunities to build new networks, spark new ideas and bridge and solidify collaboration.

Travel and conferencing have long been highlighted as a large portion of the pie when it comes to the academic CO₂ emission footprint. In the last few years we have been forced to enhance the way we connect and collaborate, showcasing the use of digital spaces to still participate in conferences in a more sustainable and accessible way.

Moving forward the scientific community needs to find ways to still keep these connections and opportunities open but reduce the CO₂ impact at the same time.

• Encourage research groups and institutes to have a no-fly policy for business trips within a certain milage

• Promote online attendance of conferences where possible

• Encourage sustainable practices at live conferences– venue, transport, materials, food & waste