Towards just and sustainable (biomedical) education

Integration of planetary health is becoming a rising theme in the (biomedical) science education landscape.

Planetary health is a solutions-oriented, transdisciplinary field and social movement focused on better understanding relations between human health and the environment, taking into account ecological, socioeconomic, and political factors. The interconnectedness of health and well being of humans, plants and animals is a central focus. It strives toward a new paradigm where humans behave as part of the planetary ecosystem, instead of dominating it. Core values are compassion, collaboration and thankfulness. (Definition by Planetary Health Impulse Team, UMC Utrecht)

Ongoing Green Labs NL education projects:

1. Development of E-modules: ‘Just & sustainable science practices’ & ‘Just & sustainable laboratory research’.  

Green Labs NL teamed up with the Planetary Health Impulse Team (PHIT) of the UMC Utrecht for developing these E-modules. They are tailored to students that encounter scientific research, but relevant for everyone that performs scientific research and/or works in the lab. The project runs Sept 2023 – Aug 2024. E-modules will be made available on the Green Labs NL website.

2. Planetary Health in Science Education Network: PHISE

As collaborative effort of Green Labs NL, Radboudumc and UMCU, the community for Planetary Health In Science Education (PHISE) was launched at the GREENER conference Dec 2023. The first Community meeting is hosted by de UMC Utrecht in March 2023.

If you are interested to join the PHISE community and stay updated on developments related to education send an email to Green Labs NL –

Designed by Martien van den Hoek, in collaboration with the Planetary Health Impulse Team and TEL of the UMC Utrecht