Sparking green movement in the funding landscape

Event summary September 2023

The event ‘Sparking green movement in the funding landscape’ focused on addressing the main question of how funding organizations can support the transition toward just and sustainable health research.

Kicking off with some inspiring talks from UKRI/MRC, Wellcome Trust, KNAW and UMC Utrecht, the event led to many motivated conversations and set forth clear objectives to advance this topic within the scientific funding landscape. We extend warm gratitude to all organizations represented, including Knowledge Centre Global Health (kcgh), NWO, ZonMW, Oncode Institute, KIN, KWF kankerbestrijding, Health~Holland, KNAW, Ministry of Education Culture and Science, EMBO, Wellcome Trust and UKRI.

Follow up:

Green Labs NL works on an event report to share with the broader scientific community, along with exploring additional avenues to further engage with the event’s outcomes.

Event sponsor:

Knowledge Centre Global Health (kcgh)

Other initiatives by funding organisations

• Marie Sklodowska-Curie Green Charter

• The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft Press Release: DFG anchors ecological sustainability ideas in funding activities

• The Academy of Medical Sciences – Academy FORUM workshop executive summary: Enabling greener research

• Royal Society of Chemistry – Funding call for sustainable science initiatives