Water is used in many different ways in the lab from buffer bases or equipment cooling to cleaning and sterilisation.

It can take up to 3 times as much water to make the equivalent of deionised water and even more for distilled water. Huge water savings can be made by paying attention to how and when equipment using water is run or by adding simple assets and protocols to your lab sinks.

Educate colleagues on when purified water is needed and when not

• Add low-flow aerators to taps to decrease flow by up to 50%

• Find ways to reuse water from single pass cooling systems

• Report leaks immediately

• Only run autoclaves and dishwashers when full


Background info

•  Make every Drop Count– Lab Manager

•  Water efficiency guide for laboratories – I2SL

Practical guides and documents

Top 9 Actions to Take in the Lab to Improve Water Efficiency – My Green Lab