Green Labs NL Associates

The concept of Green Labs NL Associates is to recognise the collaboration and connection with certain persons or initiatives related to planetary health. This may be in the way they support Green Labs NL practically through projects or by the service they offer, or as members of the sustainable science and planetary health community. These associates are championing the work we do and we would like to recognise them for their efforts.

Bas Tuenter – Sustainables

Bas Tuenter obtained his Masters in Molecular Life Sciences from the Radboud University and is involved in international climate action within the youth constituency of the UNFCCC. Bas realized that the biggest impact he could make was on the lab: reducing the enormous amount of waste being produced and so he founded Sustainables. Sustainables offers a service to collect pipette tips, clean them for reuse and return them to the researchers. That way researchers can continue their vital work, but with a lower impact on the environment.

Sustainables LinkedIn page

Sustainables Introduction video

Thomas Franssen

Thomas Franssen is a senior researcher at the Centre for Science and Technology Studies at Leiden University. He specializes in questions around (the evaluation of) research quality and studies the implementation of stustainability measures in the life sciences. He contributed to the pilot of LEAF in the Netherlands and is a local administrator for LEAF at Leiden University. 

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