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    Hey all,

    We are just at the starting stage of starting a green labs committee within our institute (The Princess Máxima Center).

    A few tips on how to get started:
    -Gain support- gather a group of sustainable enthusiasts and get support from your PIs to be able to spend some time working on sustainable solutions
    – Get the institute/company on board – Give a presentation to your facilities management/ Board of Directors to gain their interest and support to make this an important task for the whole institute/company
    – Put the word out – Use inhouse intranet/ newsletters/ seminars to spread the word of why sustainability in science is important
    – Start a committee – Gather a group of like minded Technicians/ PhDs, Students, PIs, Facilities staff/ Research management – Maybe monthly meetings to start identifying where changes can be made and action points to get things moving
    – Do an assessment- establish where you are actually at- maybe put an ad out for a student to do a carbon footprint assessment to establish where to start
    – Low hanging fruit – what can be done easily and see some results- people like getting on board with something that they can see works.

    Many more ideas to continue but this is where we are trying to start.
    Any other tips/ questions/ comments welcome!


    Laura TimmermanLaura Timmerman


    I am working as a PhD student at the UMC Utrecht. Within the UMC Utrecht there are now several Green Teams running, of which one is called Green Team Lab.
    As this Green Team Lab of the UMCU we were wondering how we can join Green Labs NL.

    Besides, we are also wondering if anyone knows a list of facst on energy use of flow cabinets/fume hoods/centrifuges/etc. And how much energy it saves to shut them off.

    Happy to hear from you!

    Best, Laura

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