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    Hey all,

    We are just at the starting stage of starting a green labs committee within our institute (The Princess Máxima Center).

    A few tips on how to get started:
    -Gain support- gather a group of sustainable enthusiasts and get support from your PIs to be able to spend some time working on sustainable solutions
    – Get the institute/company on board – Give a presentation to your facilities management/ Board of Directors to gain their interest and support to make this an important task for the whole institute/company
    – Put the word out – Use inhouse intranet/ newsletters/ seminars to spread the word of why sustainability in science is important
    – Start a committee – Gather a group of like minded Technicians/ PhDs, Students, PIs, Facilities staff/ Research management – Maybe monthly meetings to start identifying where changes can be made and action points to get things moving
    – Do an assessment- establish where you are actually at- maybe put an ad out for a student to do a carbon footprint assessment to establish where to start
    – Low hanging fruit – what can be done easily and see some results- people like getting on board with something that they can see works.

    Many more ideas to continue but this is where we are trying to start.
    Any other tips/ questions/ comments welcome!


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